month challenge: new song a day | week four

it’s the final week of my month challenge of listening to a new song every day and i’m finishing it by mixing things up a little: most of these songs are new releases from artists i know, love, and want the world to know too. so, rather than going into this being the only one in the dark, we’re all in the dark in that even fewer people will have heard of these brilliant songs (and yes you will notice higher ratings this week)! i’m sad the challenge has now come to an end because i really enjoyed doing this every week so i’m sure it’ll make a return at some point! but as always, check out the songs i discovered and maybe you’ll find your new favourite song (and feel free to keep giving me recommendations even after this has finished!).

(ok quick sidetone: it has been longer than a week – yes – i know – i’m sorry. i wrote the post a while back – hence the fact i’m talking as though nothing has happened – and just completely forgot to post it?!?!? idk how this happened sorry.)

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month challenge: new song a day | week three

(see i told you this post would be up on time!) this week all of the songs i’ve listened to have come from my ‘discover weekly’ playlist on spotify: i just clicked shuffle and listened to what my laptop gave me. if you haven’t checked out this awesome feature yet, what’s stopping you?! if you’re in need of new music that is similar to the genres you love (and you’ve already listened to the songs i’ve suggested, obviously), discover weekly is a great way to add even more songs to your playlists! (literally spotify, sponsor me).

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month challenge: new song a day | week two

ok so this week’s post (week two of the month challenge) is a little late due to how  b u s y  i’ve been but rest assured, i’ll still be posting week three’s on time (i promise!). i found lots of the new songs for this week on a group playlist i’ve started. as we all have pretty diverse music tastes, it’s really helped us all to find new music we love.

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month challenge: new song a day | week one

i’ve decided to start a challenge this month of listening to one new song every day (cleverly entitled “a new song a day”).  i’ll be posting once every week including the songs i’ve listened to (with the link of course) and whether i recommend them or not with a rating out of ten. i wouldn’t say that i necessarily have a genre preference when it comes to listing to music every day so i think the challenge will, if nothing else, give me some more artists to research. to find the new artists, i’ll be either using recommendations or the discover weekly feature on spotify – randomly choosing artists and songs i’ve never come across before. this challenge will be a very brief post every week, but it’s a chance for me (and maybe you too!) to discover some new songs!

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the five books you need to read this summer

book recommendations are always something i’m on the lookout for. i always welcome people’s thoughts and opinions on books they’ve read as i’m finding with the more books i read, the more cliché storylines threaten to smother me into an early death. as summer is approaching and many people like to read in the sun, i thought what better time to give a list of some of my favourite books i’ve recently read?

side note: i’ll try to keep the reviews of the following books i recommend spoiler free as i know how annoying spoilers are. i’ll also add a rating at the end of the review for all of the books.

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a kind of introduction

today is finally the day that i start my blog for real. (side note: ok ‘today’ is quite broad as this post has already taken me two days to compose and i’m only on the second sentence, but hey-ho.) first and foremost, i would like to address my peculiar style of writing lowercase: yes, it is intended and no i’m not just incredibly illiterate. and secondly, i would like to introduce myself: my name is jess, i’m 19, and as you can see by my incredibly descriptive bio on the right-hand side, i’m a student trying out this blogging thing after putting it off for years.

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