fresher’s week: everything you need to know | part 1: moving

how to survive freshers week

fresher’s week is quite possibly the most surreal week of your university life. while it’s known as an excuse to get absolutely hammered without any judgement, fresher’s week is also your chance for first impressions, familiarising yourself with your new surroundings and exploring the other things uni life has to offer. these are just a few reasons why i’ve decided to help any of you fresher’s through the journey of starting uni with the littlest stress possible.

so with that being said, i’ve decided to start a series cleverly entitled “fresher’s week: everything you need to know” (i’m just that creative). the aim is to offer advice and help within four main categories: moving, what to expect, studying, and adulting. they’re pretty self explanatory so i won’t bore you with details. instead, let’s get on with the post!

how to survive fresher's week (before and after moving in tips) the ultimate guide to serving fresher's week
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how to survive fresher’s week: part 1: moving



believe it or not, your pre-move is a massive part of your fresher’s week experience. the weeks leading up to fresher’s give you an opportunity to prepare for what’s ahead. while there’s a lot to remember, it all adds to the excitement of starting uni. i’ve complied a list of some of the things you’ll probably want to remember before moving into your new home.

before moving in: tips for the ultimate guide to serving fresher's week
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group chat

depending on the university you’re going to, there are a range of chats you can join. they’re great for meeting people who will be living in your student halls. last year, as a fresher, i was in a whatsapp group chat for my halls, a facebook group chat for my course and so many facebook groups for various things across the university. if you’re nervous about not knowing anyone once you start uni, you should definitely look into group chats.

facebook groups

like i said before, facebook groups are a great way of interacting with people you’ll meet at uni. they also help you to keep track of events going on around uni. every event you’ll attend throughout fresher’s week will be on face boo somewhere – complete with a list of other people who are attending. there’s also usually a facebook group for your student halls which makes finding a relevant group chat a lot easier.

fresher bands

if you don’t know what a fresher band is, it’s basically a ticket (or, wristband) you can buy that will get you into all of the events going on throughout fresher’s week. now, you will debate with yourself – and everyone you chat to before starting uni – whether fresher’s bands are worth the money. are they worth it? if you’re a party animal and know that you’ll be attending everything, definitely buy one. whereas, if you’re not a massive drinker, it probably makes sense to just buy tickets to the events you want to go to on the day. just don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you have to buy a fresher band! last year my boyfriend forked out around £50 for his ticket and ended up not going to one event the entirety of fresher’s week.

get outfits

many blog posts or youtube videos you’ll watch for tips about freshers will skip this point. buying clothes for fresher’s week is so so so important. considering fresher’s week is a busy time, you want to make sure you have something to wear on the nights you decide to hit the town. if you’re wanting some ideas of clubbing outfits, i wrote a post all about uni clothing essentials that you can find right here!

make plans

if you do nothing on your first night at uni, you’ll regret it for sure. even if you’re not a massive drinker, there are plenty of people that will be freshers as well looking for something to do. as i said before, fresher group chats are so useful for this. if you can, make plans before you move in for the first night so you’re not feeling homesick in your bedroom all alone. last year, my flat decided to all go to spoons in the evening and get to know each other in a familiar environment.

bring money

this is an important point, and often one that new students forget about. your student loan may not go into your bank account in time for the first night of fresher’s. with this being said, make sure to remember to bring money with you! whether it’s in your bank account or cash, it’s vital that you have something on you. not only for clubbing, but for essentials like food… you don’t want to starve before uni even starts do you?


while it’s probably just because i’m a loser, organisation is one of my favourite things about uni life. and, even if you couldn’t care less about it, you’ll thank yourself at the end of the year if you pick up some good organisational habits at the start of your first year. you can start these by organising what to bring. i’ve written a whole post (and made a printable!) about everything you need as a fresher right here (shameless self promo, i know).



i could do an entire post about useful apps to download before you start uni, and apps i use every day as a student but here are three of the biggest ones. uber: if you’re living in a city that has uber, you’ll find it to be a life-saver in situations like after a night out. uni bus timetable: a cheap (or free) alternative to uber… if your uni has a bus – take advantage of it!! dominos: don’t kid yourself that you won’t be buying takeaways.


so you’re all moved into your new student accommodation. what now? while it may feel daunting to finally be at uni, you shouldn’t feel alone. there’s a load of things you can keep busy with – even throughout your first day. here’s some of the key things to remember after you’ve moved in.

after moving in: tips for the ultimate guide to serving fresher's week
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get talking to flatmates
what might feel like the scariest part is quite possibly the easiest, most natural part of fresher’s week. if you’re nervous about talking to your flatmates, a tip is to do it early on. it helps to not add so much pressure to the whole thing, meaning ultimately your interactions will be more natural. if you’re finding it hard to start a conversation, leave your door open, offer to help bring some of their stuff up to your new home, and most importantly (but most overlooked), bring food! i brought some chocolates and left them on the kitchen table with a note to help yourself – it doesn’t hurt to make a good impression with the people you’ll be spending your first year living with!


go somewhere familiar

if you’re feeling awkward in your new home, a good way to get to know each other is to go somewhere familiar as a group. mcdonald’s is always a good idea: grabbing a bite to eat while bonding over your mcflurry flavour choices is how friendships are made. like i said before, i ended up in wetherspoons and it turned out to be such a good ice-breaker.


say yes to everything

while i definitely mean this in moderation, you won’t regret saying yes to everything thrown at you. do you want to go out and grab some coffee? yes. do you want to go to the student union later with us? yes. you’ll be exploring, meeting and ultimately having fun! now is the perfect time to make an effort with people… especially if you’re struggling to make friends throughout fresher’s week. it isn’t weird to talk to anyone because chances are, everyone wants the same friendly face that you do.


don’t let your parents stay forever

this might sound harsh but you’ve got to talk to your flatmates and make a good first impression. bonding on the first day is something you’ll look back on over your uni life. if you’re nervous about saying goodbye to your family, sometimes it’s easier  this way. saying goodbye as soon as you can and getting your head stuck into your new surroundings is a good distraction. alternatively, spend some time with your family once you’ve arrived at uni and then see your flatmates later on – everyone is different when it comes to moving out.


reinvent yourself

while this may sound incredibly cliché, starting university is a chance for a new start. nobody knows you or your history so now is the perfect time to reinvent yourself as who you want to be! if you’ve struggled with confidence, what better time to try and come out of your shell than when nobody has a preconceived idea about you?


if you’re anything like i was, you’ll have researched every little thing in preparation  for fresher’s. one of the main things i wondered about was what to expect throughout fresher’s week. so, tomorrow’s post is exactly that! check back here tomorrow to read my next post of the series.

and until then, if you have any questions, similar experiences or just want a chat about uni, i’m all ears! you can either comment below, or drop me a message me on my social media accounts listed below.

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