five things i’ve learnt in first year of university

with my first year of university drawing to a close, i thought i’d reminisce on some of the things i’ve learnt while being a fresher. while it doesn’t feel as though a year has passed living away from home, meeting people that i now call my best friends and having the responsibility and independence that i have now, a lot has happened in such a short time.

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the five books you need to read this summer

book recommendations are always something i’m on the lookout for. i always welcome people’s thoughts and opinions on books they’ve read as i’m finding with the more books i read, the more cliché storylines threaten to smother me into an early death. as summer is approaching and many people like to read in the sun, i thought what better time to give a list of some of my favourite books i’ve recently read?

side note: i’ll try to keep the reviews of the following books i recommend spoiler free as i know how annoying spoilers are. i’ll also add a rating at the end of the review for all of the books.

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a kind of introduction

today is finally the day that i start my blog for real. (side note: ok ‘today’ is quite broad as this post has already taken me two days to compose and i’m only on the second sentence, but hey-ho.) first and foremost, i would like to address my peculiar style of writing lowercase: yes, it is intended and no i’m not just incredibly illiterate. and secondly, i would like to introduce myself: my name is jess, i’m 19, and as you can see by my incredibly descriptive bio on the right-hand side, i’m a student trying out this blogging thing after putting it off for years.

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