month challenge: new song a day | week four

it’s the final week of my month challenge of listening to a new song every day and i’m finishing it by mixing things up a little: most of these songs are new releases from artists i know, love, and want the world to know too. so, rather than going into this being the only one in the dark, we’re all in the dark in that even fewer people will have heard of these brilliant songs (and yes you will notice higher ratings this week)! i’m sad the challenge has now come to an end because i really enjoyed doing this every week so i’m sure it’ll make a return at some point! but as always, check out the songs i discovered and maybe you’ll find your new favourite song (and feel free to keep giving me recommendations even after this has finished!).

(ok quick sidetone: it has been longer than a week – yes – i know – i’m sorry. i wrote the post a while back – hence the fact i’m talking as though nothing has happened – and just completely forgot to post it?!?!? idk how this happened sorry.)



day 1.

forget me not | honne.





day 2.

quarter past midnight | bastille.





day 3.

how does it feel? | samm henshaw.

10/10 !!




day 4.

vows | mullally.





day 5.

problems | moss kena ft. they & rapsody.





day 6.

tyler | lisbon.





day 7.

make you love me | jarred vandal ft. zak abel.





what songs would you recommend? and if you haven’t checked out the other posts from this challenge, what the bloody hell are you doing with your life?!

week one 

week two

week three

week four

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